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Thursday, December 11, 2014


Hi Marcia,

Mark, the kids, and I had a great time making our monkeys on a relaxing evening in our hotel room.  Two days later we took them to the children at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados.  We were not able to meet the kids, but, left them with the receptionist who had trouble finding someone to give us permission to visit the ward after hours.  Luke especially was reluctant to give his up, but, did so knowing it would comfort and give joy to a sick child or out of obedience to his mother.  I hope more the former.

We had a great time in Barbados.  The people there were so polite and friendly.  The streets were so clean, yards uncluttered and everyone seemed calm, pleasant and well dressed.  We really enjoyed the food, sunshine, and warm ocean waves.  Being together was, of course, the best part.

Hope you and your family has a very blessed Thanksgiving.


Linda and family

Linda and I met last month in the mountains.  She fell in love with the monkeys.  How hilarious is this.....  She had 2 days to pack, but made it her priority to get socks and supplies to pack for their family trip to Barbados. 

Wouldn't  it be great to have the story of the 5 kids who received one of the vacationing monkeys?  

Linda....your family are great monkeymakers!  BRAVO!

This is the coolest picture ever!  MonkeyLove! 

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