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Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Kodak moments.  The brain seems to take a photo and we are able to recall exactly where we were and what we were the day President Kennedy got shot.   And the day Ian got diagnosed with leukemia.

March 2008.  I was driving to the gym. I got the call.  Three year old Ian had been sent from the doctor's office to the hospital.  His blood count was alarmingly low.  The doctor suspected leukemia.

Within a short time, the diagnosis was confirmed.
 If you've had a sick child, a very very sick child, you understand.  It's pretty much an ongoing nightmare.  But you don't wake up for awhile.  And you do keep on going.  And going..........

               A month before Ian was diagnosed

Ian's treatments for leukemia lasted for the next three years.   Ian and his mom, made many trips to Children's Mercy Hospital.

You get to know the staff pretty well under the circumstances.  Enough kind things cannot be said about them.  Lives depend on them and their knowledge and compassion are invaluable and leave us with a great sense of gratitude.

I say this from experience, because within the year, I received my own diagnosis:  Stage 2 Breast Cancer.

Will and I visiting Ian's family in October 2010 in Kansas City
I promise, I was not trying to steal the attention.  It just happened,  and then I had a lot of time on my hands.  I wanted to do SOMEthing worthwhile.

At some point, I found the video about Brittney, a teenage girl with a chronic condition.  She was a very sick girl, but she found ways to bring up her spirits while blessing the lives of others.   She created coloring books for kids in the hospital, and she made sock monkeys with love.  Here is the link for Brittney's Video:  God Will Lift Us Up:

What an inspiration.

 I learned how to make Sock Monkeys.

Family helped, and after awhile, we finally had two bags of monkeys which Ian took to Children's Mercy.

  That is how this blog began.  Ian loved the experience.  I did too.  After all, its MonkeyLove.

Ian Age 5
Ian finished his treatments at age 6, and last March, was his final appointment at Children's Mercy Hospital.  Why?  They are moving.   Corie reported that it was kind of a sad day.....a lot of good relationships had been developed, and a lot of strong, and emotional attachments.  It's a close knit group  at Children's Mercy.

One of Ian's favorites at the hospital,  was his nurse practitoner, Christy Gordon.  After checking him out, and hugs, she said, "Ian, can I ask you for a request?"


"Right before Christmas, could you send us a bunch of SOCK MONKEYS?  That was the best gift we've ever gotten.  Of all the things we have received, the kids loved the monkeys more than anything!  And when you send them, could you write a letter telling what made you start making them?  Its really special that someone who was a patient here is doing something for everyone.  Could you tell them about how you used to be a patient here, and now your'e better?  It would bring a lot of hope to the kids who are going through the tough things now."

It's almost Christmas now.  30 monkeys are ready to go in a box.  Ian is writing his letter.

Merry Christmas to the kids who are at Children's Mercy, and kids everywhere who are going through challenges.  You are brave.  Your beautiful smiles brighten up the room.  You are dearly loved by your Heavenly Father.  He will lift you up.

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