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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

JUSTSERVE.ORG  Its a community website.  Here is a part of their official description:

What is JustServe?

JustServe matches churches, civic organizations, non-profits, and governmental agencies that need volunteers with volunteers willing to help. links you to service opportunities in your community so you can make a difference wherever you are and however you want to serve.
Once we know what the needs are, we tell you about them here on JustServe or through Facebook, and then you can go and help get the job done. We make it easy to sign up and show up, on your time and in your way. is provided as a service by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Following the Biblical admonition of the Savior to "love thy neighbor as thyself," JustServe provides opportunities to relieve suffering, care for the poor and needy, and enhance the quality of life in the community. JustServe is not for proselytizing or publicity for the Church—simply a service to match community volunteer needs with volunteers.

In our city, we're seeing that JustServe works!!!

Last month, for example,  the Methodist Food Bank (a local church that has been providing food for the needy in our city, for years)  posted their need for extra food for Thanksgiving on JustServe.   As a result, over 100 bags of food, in addition to turkeys and hams were delivered to their food bank.   One of the volunteers who worked the day the food was distributed, related that after the turkeys ran out,  there were a few more people standing in line to pick up their food.  The volunteers didn't know what to do.  "Have Faith!", one of them said.  "Something will turn up." Sure enough,  in a few minutes, someone drove up with just the right amount of turkeys.

 JustServe is making a difference.  One turkey at a project at a Monkey at at time.....

I found out about the website two months ago.  "What a great way to get the Monkeys out there!"  Indeed.... I have started to get a few calls and emails from people who are interested in helping:

A 7th grader named Emma contacted me yesterday.  She's a member of a Junior Scholastic program at her school AND she sews!  She is looking for volunteer hours.  What a better way to volunteer than to make monkeys!  I can't wait to meet you, Emma.

Another woman named Sue called. She's a recent empty nester and is looking for a good way to use some of her spare time.  She's been spreading the MonkeyWord to others that she knows.  Thanks Sue!

 Debra contacted me, anxious to learn the art of Monkeymaking. We're getting together soon.

I have always known that there are a lot of MonkeyLovers out there, but now with JustServe, we will be able to find each other.  My hope is that we can keep a steady stream of monkeys to the advocacy court and the Children's  Hospital.                                                                                                                                                                                                            
One out of the 30 monkeys going to
Children's Mercy Hospital for Christmas
"Every stitch stitched with love"
JustServe seems like its kind of a Craig's List for Community Service.

A monkey is a small thing.  A very small thing.

This Christmas video reminds me that it really is the small things that matter.  To the giver.  To the receiver.

Merry Christmas to all!

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