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Sunday, May 25, 2014


I received a message early in the morning cancelling my dental appointment.

I will be honest.  My initial reaction was….."COOL!"  I just gained a free morning.   Being crazy conscientious however,  I called back to reschedule.  The receptionist was happy that I did….only to inform me that my appointment was back on.....The hygenists's little girl was in the hospital,  she explained, however, she had decided to come to work for a few hours.

I hung up the phone with one thought:  MONKEYTIME!   Wasn't feeling it for my completed monkeys, and the pink and yellow socks caught my eye.

Zip, quick, sew her up, and I was off to my dental appointment,  pink Monkey in hand.

Here is Sheri holding the monkey.    Can you believe that at home in her sock drawer she has exactly the same socks! MONKEYMAGIC.

This is little Molly.   She is having trouble breathing because her asthma went into pneumonia.   It's easy to see that she's not feeling well.  What she really wants most of all is to go home.
Of course.

Molly named her monkey, Carly.  She thinks its funny that her mommy has socks that match her monkey.    She likes  Carly a lot, and she won't  let her mom take the SOCKMONKEYS4KIDS card off. (See it around her neck?)

After a good day,  a not so good night, and a good day.....Molly was able to go home.  She still struggles with her lungs, asthma, pneumonia and breathing.  She is scheduled for surgery soon.  Carly will accompany her to the hospital.  MONKEYLOVE.

I have a great deal of compassion for those who can't breathe.  I've taken breathing for granted my whole life.  Until eight years ago when Jen came into our lives.  She married our son, Patrick.

Jen has Cystic Fibrosis.

At times in her life, she has described breathing to be like sucking air through a straw.  I can't imagine what that would be like.   When she was 16 years old, her lungs were so damaged she had only 8% of her lung capacity.  Jen no longer could attend high school or be involved in any activies.  She was at home on an oxygen tank, too weak to even stand in the shower.   Through a series of miracles including the love of two men who voluntarily donated a lobe each of their lungs and the skill of the doctors and medical team, Jen was able to receive a live donor, double lung transplant.  Doesn't that sound like a miracle?  It is.

I could write volumns about Jen.  She is full of gratitude and happiness.  Her loving spirit touches everyone she meets.   Jen is a bundle of energy, positive joy, endless talent and ability.  She has written her story:  My Heroes Ask Wallflowers to Dancethe story of her incredible family, their bond of love, faith  and prayer which has enabled them to overcome insurmountable health issues, including the loss of Jen's 19 year old brother Justin.

The link to her book is here:

Last February Jen was honored with others at the Michael Brennen Courage Award Ceremonies  in New York City.

In her interviewed video, she states,   "I am happy.  I am happy everyday because I'm grateful every day."   At the time this video was made,  Jen was in the final stages of kidney failure.  It was a good thing that I saw this video AFTER Jen's  kidney transplant.  Instead of quiet tears rolling down my cheeks, a bucket and a Costco supply of tissue would have been needed.

Here is the link to the video.  It includes the interviews with the other honorees.  They live amazing, wonderful lives, despite the daily challenges they deal with every day.  Just to breathe.

Today, all of our love goes to Molly with prayers and wishes that she can breathe, live her life and be happy.  She has a loving family, and the love of a special monkey friend.

P.S.  December 2014.  Molly had her surgery, and she's doing GREAT!  And she still loves her monkey.  ahhhhh........