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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

VALLEY NEWS ARTICLE: Murrieta Woman Makes Sock Monkeys for Children Who Need Comforting

The article came out Friday in the Valley News....nearly a whole page on the Sock Monkeys.   Laura Rathbun did a great job on the article except for the typo on my age.....imagine that!

Here Tis:

And Here:

Lauryn, (one of my adorable grandaughter monkeymakers), took a copy to use as her Current Event! All I can say about that is.............THAT ROCKS!!!!!!    

As a result of the article,  I got a call from Jackie,  an 87 year old quilter.  She called to say that she had some MonkeyStuffing that she won't be able to use.  Could she drop it by?  I mean, seriously, what a darling!   My biggest regret was that I missed meeting her as she dropped off the stuffing when I was gone.  How I would love a picture of her.  Maybe yet to come. I hope.  I hope.

Here is a link to a copy of the article on a different online publication.  

I don't know how it got on there, but THAT ROCKS TOO!!!!!!

The underlying purpose and bottom line of all this newspaper business,  is my hope that others will start to make monkeys.  There are a TON of hospitals out there, and every kid in distress needs a little extra love.   After all, isn't that the sole purpose of MonkeyMania?.................


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