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Sunday, January 25, 2015


This is what you'll need to make your Sock Monkey:

One Pair of Fun Socks:

Be on the lookout for CUTE socks on sale.
I have also found many pair at the 99 Cent store...(note: not the Dollar Tree).

The little heart is made from felt.  MonkeyLove.

Let's take a look at The Eyes:

In lieu of buttons, (which aren't considered safe for kids),  I use two-part Safety eyes.  They are available from craft stores, but they get pricey fast if you're making more than 3 monkeys.

 I get them from an Etsy shop  here:

Clara is the owner of this etsy shop.  Mention to her that you are making Sock Monkeys and she will know you need the  9mm eyes with POINTY ends and metal washers......It is very important to get eyes with POINTY ends, otherwise it is so difficult to attach them to the socks.

Back to business:
The first thing you'll do is attach the eyes to the first sock.  Note, the heel is in the back.    Like so:


Making the Body of the Monkey:  Legs
     Next, turn that sock inside out.  You are going to make his legs.  Starting at the foot, sew up to about an inch under the heel.  Then repeat for the other side, leaving enough space between the two stitching lines to cut without getting too close to the stitches:    

Cut the legs, making sure Not to cut the stitches:            


Then turn inside out, like this:
He looks more like a MonkeyAlien, doesn't he?  Don't worry, we're just getting started.

Ears, Tail, Arms:  

Now you will make the ears, tail and arms from the other sock which you have turned inside out.


Be brave:  Cut off the cuff.  The cuff will soon be arms.
It's actually almost like making the legs.  Only this time, you start at the top.  (I like to leave the finished edge of the cuff for the top of the arm.)

So, you start at the top of the cuff, sew down and curve for the hands.  Do it again, leaving enough space to safely cut in between without cutting stitches.  Check it out in the picture below, as we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words:

Ears and Tail:

On the foot of the sock, sew 2 ears, and the tail as shown below:


The Mouth is the heel.

NOW:   Cut out all the pieces.  They will look like this:

2 ears, tail, mouth and arms.  Imagine.......  All from one sock!  MonkeyMagic!

Ready to stuff?    I get this from Walmart:   

                                                                Stuff the Body:  

Stuffing Trick:

Having trouble stuffing those long arms, legs and tail?  Try this:  Turn the piece partially, then stuff and unroll as you go.

Take it from someone who's a BIG TIME's way easier!  More like way, way, way easier!

Stitching your Monkey's Inner Leg Seam:

Use the ladder stitch.  Take about 6 stitches on your ladder, before you pull, then gently pull......even though this picture                                                                   is fuzzy....(sorry!), you can see how those ladder stitches
                                                                close up beautifully.

Monkey Ears:
Cut a little slit on the fold line so you can stuff
the ears.  

Turn under the bottom of the ear, and slip stitch closed.  Then make a little tuck in the ear to give it a little personality.   You can see now, that even if each ear isn't exactly the same, (its easy for them to be a little different), IT JUST DOESN'T MATTER!  Each monkey will have a lot of personality.                                                                 

Can you see the toe line in the picture below?  Use that as a guide for your ear.

REMEMBER to sew all your MONKEYPARTS on securely.  Sew around the front and the back of the ear.  You will sew around also for the arms and the tail.  Not only does it look nicer, but they are way more secure.  Did I mention, Security? 

Monkey Arms:

My preferred place to sew on the arms is RIGHT UNDER THE EARS....
But, you say, that is no place for arms...
But, I say, this is MonkeyMania.

You'll just have to trust me.
Remember to sew AROUND, the arm circle for Security. No falling off monkey parts, please.

Monkey Tail:  
I think you know where the tail goes.  Remember the Security deal.  Sew around!

Monkey Mouth:

Remember, I mentioned that the heel becomes the mouth?  Well, sometimes the heel color just isn't the right color,  so feel free to use that ole creativity, and use a different color for the mouth.  I'm using a blue heel this time.  (I'll save the white one for another monkey, another time.)  Turn under the mouth edges, pin on, and sew around.   When you're almost there, add the stuffing:

Last of all, using embroidery thread, to stitch a mouth.  Be SURE to make it smile.  Remember, these little guys are supposed to be happy!

Last of all, sew on the heart.  I lost my heart picture somehow, but you can see the hearts on the MonkeyFriends to the right.  If you are wondering what is around their neck, its the SockMonkeys4Kids card.  If you are going to be a big monkeymaker, Vista Print has cards for cheap cheap.  You can come up with your own name or use SockMonkeys4Kids.  I don't mind.

All Done, and ready for the next delivery.

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