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Thursday, October 2, 2014


This morning there was a gift in my email.  It was a note from one of the attorneys who received the monkeys for STUFFED WITH LOVE:


I am writing to thank you for the adorable sock monkeys you donated for distribution to the foster children when they appear in court.  It’s difficult to look at these darling monkeys without smiling.  We gave one away today to a little boy who stared at it and touched it’s face as he was sitting in court – as he appeared so scared.  What a marvelous distraction.  And, thank you so much for how generous you were to donate so many. 

These are confidential proceedings during which children are removed from their parents or appear and haven’t seen their parents for sometime.  Occasionally the children will see their parents who are wearing handcuffs and ankle chains because they are in custody.  It is so hard to see the trauma these events inflict on children, and I know that many will remember these court hearings all of their life.  It is wonderful to interject a cute moment, a smile or a distraction that these little monkeys will bring.  I wish I could send you pictures, but the hearings are confidential.

My heartfelt thanks to you for your generous gifts to these children.  

My response:

Each little monkey was sent with love.  To know that a little boy was comforted for a few minutes is to know that every stitch is worth it.  

Thank you!  Debi and April............Friends who help with MonkeyMakingss.

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