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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Needed: Stuffed Love

"STUFFED WITH LOVE:  New or gently used stuffed animals are being gathered for abused and neglected children and foster children of Riverside County.  They will be given as gifts of comfort and love to children while in court. "

There are over 40 kids a week who go through the courts in our county.  That's 160 every month.  8,000 a year.

Did I do the math right????

Wow.  This is really heartbreaking.  

STUFFED WITH LOVE tries to give these kids a bit of comfort while they're going through yet another ordeal in their life:  Court.

The lawyers have noticed that the boys don't really like the stuffed animals.

Sock Monkeys to the rescue.

I'm scrambling to put together a basket of monkeys for this project.  One basket for this week.   It is sobering to think of how many little people need Monkey Love.  And sadly, that's not the only love they need.

It's a very small drop in a very huge bucket.

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