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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Inspired by Brittney

It all started with Brittney.  

Brittney has a video posted on the site and called, "God Will Lift Us Up."  

Here is the link:  

In case you didn't watch it yet, here's a recap:

Brittney is 15 or 16 years old and suddenly discovers that she has a rare and challenging condition where her intestines are paralyzed.  She cannot eat, and must carry around a backpack at all times which carries her special food. Despite  her personal trials, and after spending months in the hospital, she finds ways to focus on bringing happiness to others.    

Being an artist,  she designs coloring books for the children in the hospital.  Her coloring books share the message that they are not alone.  

Being inspired by her story, I suddenly had the uncontrollable desire to make Sock Monkeys.  Not knowing HOW, is not really a problem these days because there is a great resource out there in the HOW TO DO STUFF arena:  YouTube. Sure enough, there are a bunch out there.  After watching them all, these are two of my favorites:

This one is  called "Rockin Sock Monkey". I loved the music and she was a really good explainer:

This one, is a very enthusiastic Sock Monkey Maker.  She grows on you, I promise, AND she has the best technique for sewing the monkeys:

Scoring big time at the dollar store in the sock department:   striped, dotted, colorful, fun socks.  I was ready.   All I needed were some little "helper monkeys" and who is better for the job than grandchildren?    Nana's Sweatshop was born.   

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